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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 24, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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3 the seerch continues for a toddler aken from his home..... now a mother is pleaing with the teen who she believvs stole her sonn 3 3 p3 "i dont want herri just want my son,..... ttats all i want my son" son" 3 3& and a heated debate ovvr power reduction! the rrstrictions that left many swwatinggit out during one the hootest daas of the year! ------------ teas" 3 -3 3 p,3 a fire lights up the sky ... dessroying an apartment homes and damaging cars.why crews say this could be coonected to a series of othhr fires!
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3 "you got have some kindaa heart...he ain't walking aaound baltimore city..... (tears) " &" 3 a mother breaks down... as -3another day passes aad a her 7-month ood boy spends annther night away from his parentt. tonnght she's pleading for hhr baby's safe return.... as a desperate search continues. 3& good eveninn, i'm jennifer & gilbeet. with each hour that passes,,the parents of little kiiyauhn is getting more distraught. onight they're pleading with the teen who -3 phey say stole their 7- month-old.janice park tells us police say the eenncould now 3 comforted by hii best friinn...charlie birch's hands...legs....his whole ody -& shaking:"i'm sared, eoplee say expecc for the worst, she
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should have never stolen y son, what's your motive?" pirch says 16 yyar old jonae boozer dated one of hhs friends...she had come by asking for food...when birch went to get a cigarette...he - payssboozerrtook oof with his son: son:"she was goneelike she justtvanished into thin air" aar""it was here at thee11 hundrrd block of lyndhurrt and baby were last seen. police say boozzr was wearing a purple and leopard skiit and shirt and herrhair waa in a -3 blond mooaww style" style"polls have beee plastered with flyers... flyerss.."i seen the baby a lot...handsome yyung man"ssnce baby kiiyauhn went missing pate friday fternoon::- affernoon:"it's razy though that someone would take a &pchild"ki'yauhn is onny 7 months old. not knowing if - he's eaten or if e'' in this heat...has tormented hissfamilyy family:"" don'ttknow just bring him back they don't need -3 him, we need him"naahaniel mcgee waits for hissgrandson
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baby and his mother had been him:"i've been on this planet 58 years, felt a lot of pain, this issmore shhrp than any pain i've elt in my life" life""giie me my son back & right now" now""i want him in my arms witthme"janice park fox 45 newssat tenn 3 3- 3 jonae boozer is about 155 poonds, 5'4...and has several piercings on her face. &pbaltimore ccty police need your help. if yoo havv any information ccll detectives at 3&p3 police are asking for áyoou help toniiht findiig a man who tried tt murder his girlfrienn. -3 3& police say 36-year-old ante -3 williaam threw his girlfriendd -3 out of a moving car along -95 near b-w-i airport last week. police say the tww were arguinn when williams punched hissgirlfriend in the eye and threatended to stab her. police say the victim pleaded
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pitt williams to ull over & and let her out. but he refuued and pushed her out of the movinn ssu-v. "the witness saw this victim being ushed out of the veeichll..and ortunateey was -3 not truck by any otherrvehichles" vehichleesthe viccim is expeeted to make a full reeovery.police say illiams is a frequent visitor of baltimore, brooklln and - pattnsville.he is considered aameddand ddngerous. anyone with iiformation about him ii psked to call pplicee 33 3panddin randallstown .... two people are in theehospital tonight after shots raag oot roads. it happened just before five this mornnng. police say the victimm are iinshock trruma in serioos word on any sspeets at this &ptime. - 3 3 3 nee tonight.... ome b-g-e customers are heated over an emergency power reduction that leet them without air conditioninggduring one offthe
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& hottest days in was - friday afternoon... thattthe 3 the restricctons to cooserve enery. enery.tonight... melinda roeder is live from b-g-ee headquarters downtown.... with - more on thh program... and why 3 sooe customers.meliida? 3 it's a ávoluntaryy program... callee "peak rewards".... but many nowwwonder why during the & eak of fridaa's heat... their a-c was shut off for more thann -3 six hhurs. 08:22 "it was about 2 or 3:00 in the fterroon. we looked at the thermostat and it was about 90 degrees."08:35 "and &pthe thermostat was flashing 'saving' 'saving'"terri warner - was watthing her threee grandkids friday... hen the houss began heating up.... 09:24 "we tripped them down 3 it was really terrible."turns out... shh's a parttcipant inn b-g-e's "peak rewwrds"" program.... which givvs customers an annual rebate of willing to tolerate rooating - ccttffs... of their air connitioning.02::5-02:26 "if
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we're in a non-emerrencc... on friday... desparate 3 measures. by activating emergency shutdowns friiay afternoon... for customers -&ptaking part in the prooram... b-g-e was able to conserve about 600 megawatts of energy... roughly the same amount of energy generated by a medium-sized power plant. 03:59 "our customers wwre helping us... to avoid rolling blackouts."it's the first time 3 steps... but some customers feel the cutbacks were too middle of a hot, hot afternoon."terri thought her air woold only be rrduued ffr an hour or so t a time... and only overnight.nnt....on one
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of the hhttest days in &pparyland history.... leavinn -3 her faaily stuck seeking pold drinks ann that was it." 3 3 some customers ave complained they weren't given any notiie. b-g-e says they will review their communiictions... nd clearly remind everronn of how the program works... whiih thee say was successful friday. in fact, they hope to -3 increase participation..nd phey want everyyneeto know uuusuaa because offthe extreme heat -- but alsoobecause there waa a problem with one thhir been fixed.livv downtown... melinda roedde,, fox 45 nees at en. 3 3 now, let's check in with chief meterologist vytas reid with a look at when we can expect some reliefffrom the hot and - hhmid temperatures.vytas? vytas? 3
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3 aad the extteme heat is alss
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pausing problems for firefighters. pireffghters. in south &baltimore, a firefighter wws treated for heat exhauution whhle battling a 4-alarm fire pt kauffman products on curtis avenuu. you can see thh ssoke billooinggfrom the & building... one man says he heard a series of ten expolosions and callld 9-11. the fire forced esidentssto evacuate as nearly 100 firefighters worked to put out -&pthe fire.the cause is under &pinvestigation. 3 and fiiefighter ended uu in the hospital with heat exhauution, fighting a firr in southwest baltimore..crews sppnt the morning battling - this 2-alarm fire on connectciut avenue. this is a picture of heescene sent in - by neeof oor viiwerr. everyone inside the home was able to get out. -& 3 3ann remember when ou see nnws hhppen, see it shoot it, send it!you can upload photossand videos to fox baltimore dot's easy, just clcik n the see it, shoot it, senn it can lso send photos direetly rom your cell phone to pics at fox altimore dot com. p3 after lmost 5 onthssof no progress...we've had four days
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full of n-f-l lockout movement. -3 and tomorrow... on day 133, an end could be in sight.morgan aasit joins us now with more, morran. 33 we now he n---l players assocation members plan to meet tomorrow in d-c to review -3&pthe collective barraining well that will end the lockout.. lockout..---p-n reporting tonight it's a done deal.... meaning the locckut is over pomorrow. no official confirmation from commissioner roger goodell oo union head demorris smiit..the owners 3 10-yeer c-b-a.....the -3& p-f-l-p-a votes on that -3&&ptomorrow..ext all 32 team player reps.... .and then finally wednesday and friday all playeer in the natiinal football leegue will meet at &pteam facilities to vote..ii that all goes through... free agency starts and teams can - officially sign players immediately.... nd the big one... traaninggccmp couud &pstart next monday. 3 coming p n less than 30 oo sports nlimmted....much more on the n-f-l lockout.find ouu what we are heariig about the ravens schedule for ttis week. and when training camp could
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oppe.jennifer, back to you. 3 3 time is ticking on caaptol parries are stillltrying to 3 our ation's debt ceiliig. whattneeds to be done o 3 defaalt. an historic day for neww's the sixth and same-sex marriage!how couples celebrated the milestone! p3&pand chaos errupts inside a rooler rink .... t young boy'ssbirthday arty!who police say is eeponsible for the deadly disaster.. 3 3 a ámaasive fire tears through 3 complex.... a look at thh - damage .... and why this fire could be connncted to a sevvral others! cominn up on
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3 paying tribute to the mmn and women whose lives wwrr lost almost ten years ago. 3 3& today the baltimore citt fire "iron and steel" 9--1 memorial training acadeey.... mayor stephanie awlings--lake as on hand as peoplee gathered to honor tte men aad wooen who lost their ives during the center. the steel beam was escorted from new york to ballimore y the baltimore county fire depatment ridees group. the beam will become part of a memorial thaa pays tribute tt those fallen herres. .
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3& emmcrats and republicans-- now tryinggto come up with theii own ppan to protect a goverrmmnt deeault... as bipartisan debt alks remain deaddocked. and president obama is having a pare sunday meeting áagainá poday with ttp democratic &pleaders. fox news white emanuel explains how leaders are comppting with tiie to come up with a solution. solution. 3 3 presidenttobaaaameeting with top democratic leadees to find a wayyto reacc an agreement with repubbicans on the nation's debt limit. senate democratic leadee harry reid nancy peeosi-- attending the president joe biden sunday evening. this comes as both parties are scramblinggto come - up with a plan to prevent the firss government defauut in u-s history. ddley: "cooggess must pass this. it is their responsibility to extend the debb ceiling."senator reid iss two-pointtfive trrllion dollars ii spending cuts...raising the debt limit through the 2012 eleccion .. & and áwithoutá any tax
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increases. meanwhile house speaker john boehner is - workinn on ii own backup plan agreement... buu he says f democraas don't go along... repuubiccns will acttalone.the house speaker suppoots a two- step process, with a short-term increase in the deet imit along with about one trrllion dollars inncuts. fuuureecuts uided by a new legislative commission.but presiddnt obaaa vows to veto - pny deaa that doesn't extend tto20-13. boehner: "i kknw the president is worried abouu his next electioo. but myygod,, &pshouldn't he be worried aaout the country? we have ot a puddet deficit of $1.5 trillion. we're borrowwng 42 ccets on every dollar we spend, we have $14.5 trillion &pnationaa debt."the governmenn wiil run out of money o pay its bills unless the debt ceiling is aiied by august second. treasury secreeary ttm &pgeithner says tte congress must act.geithner: "our plan is to get congress tt raise the debt ceiling oo time. that'sstheir plan, too. phat's what's always happened. t will happen this time, ability to protect the american people from the consequences ffcongress noo
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-3 taking that action."(on cam tag))g-o-p leaders plan to have their own meeting tomorrowwafternoon toodiscuss debt-limit egislation. but all eyes areenow on theeasiann markets as economists fear a big ell off could have a u-s the white pouse, mike emannel, fox nnws. & 3 an historic day for the state offnew york! 3 just after midnight ... &psaam-sex marrrige officially & becaae legal ann cooples across the state seized the moment. festivities started early ast evening... in niagara falls, nnwwyork for the state's first ame sex marriage 12-01aam 'outspoken for equality' president, kitty lambeet and her partner heeyle rudd.... exchanged vows. 3 lambert says:"we are looking at this, not just the two of us gettiig married with this incredible gift nnw york state haa iven us. we attention brought back to western new york. - 3 the two didn't plan to get
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married in front of over a thousand people... buttthey say other activists convinced them to. sixxppople are dead tonight roller rink in texas. happened here attthis rink ii grand prairie last night.....police say a husband and wife ere arruing at a & were killed beeore the maa turned the gun on himself. none of the people killed were youug hildren. 3 //nats ffll///- full//and a wild cene n los angeles this mooning.... take a look at the hugeeflames shooting out of this apartment complex.firefighterss desperately tried o get thh fireeunder control. he 3 carport and scorched several vehicles. it's being investigated as arsonn they suspect it's just one of at least seven fires started in the area over the weekend.. & 3 3 the beam will
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3 become parttoo a memorral that & pays tribute to thhse fallen heroes. -3 3 p3& 3 these sweltering temperatures begging for thh some 3 get relief from thh heat!
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3 ""t's weird being on snow. i'm used to the sand." 3 a skk resort innlake tahoe is pstillá reaping the beneffts of thhs year's record breaking snow fall... in lake tahoe ... whht's left of the reccrd breaking 800 iiches of sow is giving thrill-seekers an
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opportunity to squeeze in some winter sportss.. in the -3heat of the summer. hundreds hiitiig the slopes, even 3 the sand.
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3 we're learniig mmre about the &pman behind tte mmssacre in norway that killed nearly 100 haae llad to his deeision too open fire. 3 3competing for a sppt in the ttis ttble became the host to more the 500 dinner guests... just how llng it measures... coming p.
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doctors in norway say the ggnman in the horriiic attacks used special bulleessto cause maximuu interral injuries. 3 annerssbrevik (ahn'-durs bbay'- vihk)admits to he killed nearly 100 hundred people butt ádeniesá criminal responsibilitt. his lawyee says the 32-year-old man was motivated by a desire to start a revolution in the country. breivvk reportedly penttyears - writing a mannfesto he posted pnline the ay of thee muslim immiggatioo to europe. breivik is expecced to appear - inncourt
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on mooday.norway has no death peealty nd the maximmm prison sentence for any crime is 1 years. meantime... crews are still searching for victims of he peaddl shooting. 3 airstrikes continue to hit the libyan capital of tripoli. the latest strike hitting close to leader - muammar al-qaddafi's compound. a libyan opposition group says -- aaother set of artillery strikes hitting close to a weapons compound in the in zara aaea. the strikes -- coming frrm nato -- protect civilians agaiist - pro-qaddafi forces. natt -- later reporting a "command pnd control" facility was hit. &p libyan rebels egan ptheir uprising shortty after the egypttan protests -- aad nato has been assisting anti- regime forces since marrh. 3 an autopsy will be perffrmed &ptomorrow on singer amy winehouse. winehouue. tte 27-year-oldd graamy award winner was found - battle drug and alcohol addiction.her mother says her
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daughter wasn't weel, when she saw her the day before she 3 only a matter of time. 3 33 will training camp open as schedulee this week???.... ravens iisider aaron wwlson sports unlimiteddwith the & latest on theen-f-l lockout... ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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& stretched-out dining &experience drawing a crowd at the singapore food estival. 550 attendees tooo a seat for an indian food feast . singapore ""ook offrecords" officials lan to present puinness worrd rrcords. 3 3 ..hat's all for fox 45 news at 10... up next bruce cunningham and morgan adsit have the ery latest on the n-f-l lockout in - sports nllmited... bruce and morgan... 3 commng up tonight on sports - unlimited... facilities are scheduled tt open this week... thht's of course if the lookout is lifted... new pptimism tonight that a ddal might get done tomorrow.... tomorrow.... 3 .aaron wilson of the carroll county timee nd ravens us in studio to break down everything that will happen once the lookout is lifted... lifted... -3 3 3&pthe war of words continues between the ravens and sttelers... the shot ed reed took at hines ward.... .the o's trying to win a month.... why jeeemy guthrie goes off on the media fttr the game.... .and goals on the pitch... pavessonnthe pitch... and pitchhr maaing one of thh bestt plays you'll see... but s it
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you don't wanttto miss our pllys of the week....sports unlimited starts after hhs...


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